Monday, April 21, 2014





well my dear ones,



Our cat, Georgie, lives on the front porch;

he has a little house to sleep in,

and every morning he is sitting there,

right at my feet crying for his food.


And every time I open the front door,

or the garage door,

he is right there crying for treats.


Every morning, he follows me to my car

hoping to scam a few extra treats

before I pull away.


Sadly, tonight, someone ran him over.


I was just playing with him

and giving him his favorite treats

a couple of hours ago,

and now he’s gone.


This was our little fuzz, Georgie:




To the person who killed him,

the one who ran him down

and didn’t even stop

while he lay dying in the road,

I just want to say,

“We forgive you.”


And to Georgie, I say,

“We love you,

 and we pray to God

 for a place for you

 in deep heaven

 so we can love on you some more.

 In the meantime,

 you will be missed, little fuzz.”


Thank all y’all for listening,

and have a great week.


grace, peace, and love to you,


a picture of Georgie

Sunday, April 20, 2014

forever warranty


well my dear ones,



I’m a knife guy,

have been since I was about eight;

I’m intrigued by good designs

and high quality.


I read lots of knife reviews,

and if I find something well-regarded

by a lot of people,

I’ll pick one up

and evaluate it for myself.


Last week I picked up a Buck knife,

a simple single-blade folder (model 302);

it’s got decent steel,

it holds a good edge, and it cuts well.


[for those who care about specs,

 it’s a slim knife that is 3-7/8” folded,

 so it fits well in a pocket;

 and the blade is just under 3”

 so it is UK-legal, as well as being legal

 in most big cities, since it is a slip joint,

 as in, the blade does not lock open;

 here’s a pic of it:




However, more impressive than all that

is the warranty that came with it,

one which they like to refer to as their

“forever warranty.”

Here’s a pic of it:




I like companies like that,

ones that take their products seriously,

that’s why this isn’t the first Buck knife

that I’ve ever bought...more like the 25th.


But I didn’t buy all those knives

just because of the warranty;

I also like the

“Message from the Buck family,”

the one they post on the back of

the warranty card; it’s this:




I haven’t heard of a lot of companies

that make God their Senior Partner,

yet it is most likely the reason

that they’ve been so successful

for the past 112 years.


And they’re not kidding;

these guys are on the level;

I wrote to them about it,

about that message,

and I got a personal letter back

from the current president, Chuck Buck.


I told him I liked the John 3:16 reference

and he confided to me that his Dad,

Al Buck, had passed away on Easter Sunday,

March 31st 1991, or, as Chuck put it,

his Dad

“went home to be with the Lord

 on Resurrection Day.”


That’s a cool way of looking at it;

I hope you all had a great

Resurrection Day.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



Message from the Buck family

Buck forever warranty

Buck model 302 single blade folder

Monday, April 07, 2014

Pets in Heaven (in memory of Caesar)


well my dear ones,



Today I went along to the vet with a friend

when he performed the saddest and most

difficult of duties to man’s best friend,

that of saying goodbye to Caesar,

an awesome doggie and a loving friend.


My friend, Jen, a pastor,

was just talking last week

about this very thing,

whether there are pets in heaven,

and she really got me to thinking.


The Bible is crystal clear

that there are animals in heaven;


it even says to preach the gospel,

the good news of eternal life

in heaven,

to every creature:


Later He [Jesus] appeared to the eleven

as they sat at the table;

and He rebuked their unbelief

and hardness of heart,

because they did not believe those

who had seen Him after He had risen. 

And He said to them,

“Go into all the world

and preach the gospel to every creature.”

--- Gospel according to Mark 16:14-15


Why tell them about heaven

unless they were going to be there?


Who among us has not lost a beloved pet?

And who has not wondered,

will we see them again?


For more thoughts on that,

you may find some solace here:



and also here:



I’m no theologian,

but I have to ask myself,

would the God who literally is love,

the God who loves us more than we

can ever possibly believe,

and who wants nothing more

than to share fellowship with us

in heaven,

not deign to make heaven available

to those very animals

who were placed in our lives

that we might better learn how to love?


I pray it be so.


And God, I ask for Caesar

a place in heaven,

and that You hold on to him

until his Daddy can get to see him again.

Thank you!  Amen.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,