Sunday, January 24, 2016

blue days (Casey & Rick)

Well my dear ones,
Now that the Christmas holidays are over,
we are in the time between New Years
and Valentine’s Day, known as the blue days.
This time of year can be especially hard
on those who have lost someone special.
Recently, I went to visit my parents in CT,
and on the way back, as I took a shuttle
to the airport, I was the only passenger.
The driver looked like a man
with something heavy on his mind;
so I asked about how the winter
had been so far,
then sat back to see what he had to say.
The driver, Rick, told me that
this winter had been particularly hard,
as he had just lost his faithful dog, Casey.
He went on about how she was
a most awesome companion for the past 14 years,
walking with him everyday, right by his side,
even on the coldest of winter days.
He said her really missed Casey,
and that he was donating money
to the Humane Society, in her memory,
and that he planned to get another dog someday,
but he had to wait until he was over his loss;
and when he got another doggie,
it would be another rescue,
another shelter dog, like Casey.
Then he showed me a picture of Casey;
she was a sweet little mix,
who looked part German Shepherd.
After that, he told me one more time
about what an awesome dog Casey was,
then he thanked me for my time
and for our conversation.
I could see that Rick was happier
just for having shared with someone
about the awesomeness of Casey.
The thing is,
especially during the blue days,
there are lots people like Rick,
well, pretty much everywhere;
and a few minutes of your time
could really be a huge help to them.
All you need is a friendly ear,
and the perceptiveness of when to use it.
Have a blessed week!
grace, peace, and love to you,