Thursday, April 06, 2017

an inch

Well my dear ones,

I haven’t said much lately
because I haven’t had much worth saying.

Lately, I was telling a couple of friends that
I haven’t really been myself lately,
not since my Dad passed away;
my Mom had Alzheimer’s,
so in a way I lost her before she died;
but it hit me hard when my Dad died,
because as long as he was still around,
it was like my Mom was still around, too.

Now, most days,
I feel like I’m an inch away from being back
in the days of my clinical depression
(80s & 90s…pre-Christian…an uncool time);
the only thing preventing that is that I know
that Jesus died for me.

Yet, on further reflection,
I told my friends I had one more thing to add;
when I said "I feel like I'm an inch away"
God laid it on me that He's got me by an inch...
...and if God's got you by an inch,
then that's like
you've got the finger of God on you.

And I think we're better off
if God's got us by an inch
than being guarded by an army of 10,000 men,
or being protected by a 6-foot thick steel wall...
an inch of God...what's more powerful than that?
Nothing. =)

For any of you that are going through,
or will go through, some tough times,
I pray God’s got you by an inch, too. =D

grace, peace, and love to you,



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