Thursday, November 03, 2016

the door




Well my dear ones,




While many people have been spending time contemplating the big things in life,

I have been meditating on the small things.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the door.


The door was a door that, several years ago,

a small kitten belonging to a little girl

got her head stuck in.


The door was the door of a church that this,

about 10-year-old, girl came to check out.

She’d brought her kitten along,

and the poor little thing got nerved out

and ran at the (propped open) door,

getting its little head stuck

between the door and the doorframe.


It was a heavy, metal-framed, glass door;

had it sprung shut,

the kitten would have been decapitated.


The little girl started yelling,

“Help my kitty!  Help her, please!”


The little spud was totally freaked out now,

just stuck and meowing

with its fur sticking out.


A half a dozen guys were like,

“Let’s just rip the door off its hinges!”

(i.e. no time for tools; save the kitten now)



I know those guys, all big dudes,

way bigger than me;

they surely could have torn that door off,

and we could have fixed it later.


Their hearts were in the right place,

but none of them were “cat people.”

So I asked them to give me a minute.

I went and talked to the kitty,

calmed her down,

and scratched her under the chin.


Then she let me turn her head sideways

and push it back out.


Her owner was so thankful,

not just to me,

but also to the other six guys,

the ones who wanted to tear the door off

to save her kitten.


My Mom always raised me to believe

that actions speak louder than words;

it’s easy to speak about the love of God,

to talk about how much God cares for us.


But besides the good message

that the pastor spoke that day,

I think that little girl left there

thinking something to the effect of:

“God must really care about me;

 He send me six men who,

 without a second’s thought,

 were ready to rip the door off the church

 in order to save my kitty’s life.”


Yay for the kitty!

(it was a small orange tabby, and way cute =>)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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