Monday, August 29, 2016

The Love Doctor




Well my dear ones,




As I’ve noted before,

my friends cover a wide range of ages

as well as a diversity of viewpoints.


As for me,

my liberal friends think I’m too conservative;

my conservative friends think I’m too liberal;

and my Libertarian friends... *shrugs*

they’re too busy trying to figure out

how to shrink the government

to take the time to care what I think. J


Yet I can’t help but notice that society,

at least in the USA,

is becoming very polarized,

and I don’t find much encouragement in that.


Perhaps we could benefit from some old wisdom

laid out by my friend, “The Love Doctor.”


Now the Love Doctor was a nice guy,

a guy I worked with long ago,

by the last name of “Love.”

While he didn’t actually have a PhD,

he was the smartest mathematician we knew;

and he was in his fifties,

while we were in our twenties,

so we looked up to him as a mentor;

hence, us younger engineers started

referring to him as “Dr. Love,”

which evolved into “The Love Doctor,”

and “The Doctor of Love.”


The Love Doctor was one of the nicest guys

that I ever met in my life.

He was also a Mennonite (similar to Amish: ),

so he was humble and quite modest.

And since we were young guys,

we enjoyed teasing him.


One day, my friend Tommy and I

went to another engineering group

(which happened to be young women),

to run some of our ideas by them.

When they suggested some changes,

I was like,

“Well, I don’t know;

we’ll have run that by The Love Doctor.”


Tommy: “Yeah, we’ll have to see what

The Doctor of Love has to say about that.”


Them: “Oooo, The Love Doctor? 

We need to meet him.”


Me: “Sure thing;

come by our area after lunch.”


*after returning to our area*


Me: “Hey, Guy (his actual first name),

some women are coming by to meet you

after lunch.”


Tommy: “Yeah, some 20-something hot chicks

are looking to meet The Doctor of Love!”


The Love Doctor: *turning red as a beet*

“Aww, come guys!”


Heh, yes, we were jerks;

but the Love Doctor took it in stride.


And then, as now, there was much polarization.

It was an election year,

so we asked the Love Doctor,

“What should we do?”


His advice:

“We’re supposed to vote for godly men and women

because they’re godly men and women.”


Us: “But what if there are no godly ones?”


Him: “Then vote for the least ungodly.”



That’s some good advice that simplified my life.

No matter what king I live under,

my path remains the same.


Flipping through the Book of Kings in the Bible,

we see that there were a total of 43 kings

that ruled in ancient Israel.

And for that, only seven of them were righteous.

Yet, even for all the kings of which it says,

“And he did evil in the sight of the Lord,”

nowhere does God add,

“And hey, since the king’s evil,

 you all can do whatever you please;

 the king’s not following Me;

 hence, you don’t need to either.”


Yes; I kept looking to find something like that,

but I never did. J


Hence, at any time, and in any place on earth,

and under any ruler under whose authority

I am required to live out my time,

my task in simple:

follow the ruler,

unless or until they turn from God;

realize that God passionately pursues

all of us, and wants us in heaven;

recognize that God is Love;

love God and love other people.


May you know Love and may that guide you.



grace, peace, and love to you,



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