Monday, July 06, 2015




Well my dear ones,



I haven’t had much to say

for quite some time now.


And that’s not a bad thing;

when I’m not moved by God to speak

then I don’t speak,

thereby saving you from listening

to my own pointless musings. =>


“Hey Dave, how do we even know

 that there is a God?”


Good question; thanks for asking.


If not for the power of God,

I’d not still be here,

and this page would be blank.


Long ago, my friend, Ashton asked me

if I’d ever seen a miracle,

like seen something of God in this world;

I shared with him a couple of things

that I’d been privileged to witness;

if anyone has an interest,

I’ll write them up.


Meanwhile, if you’re not yet sure

like if that there is a God

who actually cares about you,

then you might check out the story

of Ian from New Zealand

(I saw a movie about him,

 The Perfect Wave;

 it’s a bit slow moving,

 but has a bizarre ending):


Stung by 5 Box Jellyfish,

he woke up toe-tagged in the morgue;

that’s some heavy action,

but I really like the fact that

he distributes his story for free,

with no copyright;

he doesn’t make a dime off it;

that appeals to me

and adds to his credibility.


So, how does COGPOW fit into all this?

Years ago, a friend of mine was

at a very low and sad point in his life.


Someone pulled him aside and reminded him

that he was a

Child Of God and Person Of Worth (COGPOW).


That’s true for him, true for Ian,

and true for all of us.


So, the next time you’re feeling down,

go point to the person in the mirror

and say, “Hey look, I see a

Child of God and Person Of Worth.” =D



grace, peace, and love to you,