Saturday, November 15, 2014



Well my dear ones,



Perhaps my last byline should have read,

“Have a great month!”


My apologies, but thanks be to God

that neither timing nor content

are chosen by me,

else who knows what inane things

you might be reading here?


Next time, I need to talk about Miss Sheryl,

as there are important things to be learned

in how we met.


However, my wife’s Mom just passed away,

so in honor of her (Sylvia),

and for the benefit of my wife (Marcia),

as well as anyone else who is having

trouble finding a beautiful fall this year,

I thought I would post some pictures

of what beauty I could find.


First, please allow me to back up a bit;

I said, “my wife’s Mom passed away,”

when a more accurate phrase would be,

“my wife’s Mom transitioned into

 the joy of deep heaven.”


(And thanks and attribution to C.S. Lewis

 for teaching us that the joy of deep heaven

 can only be apprehended in this lifetime,

 as the comprehension of it is too amazing

 for our current mode of existence. =>)


As a guy named Paul mentioned in a letter

of encouragement, two millennia ago,

to a church in Corinth,

if our hope in Messiah is for this life only,

that would be a great pity.


The Gospel accounts were not written down to

tell us that we might have some eternal life, someday,

like after we die;

they were called “the Good News,”

because they told us that God,

through the amazing amount of love

that He has for each and every one of us,

has made it possible to start living

eternal life right now.


Jesus said it best:


“Most assuredly, I say to you,

 he who hears My word

 and believes in Him who sent Me

 has everlasting life,

 and shall not come into judgment,

 but has passed from death into life.”


 --- Matthew 5:24


I especially like the

“has everlasting life” part.

Not “might have” or “could have”

but “has” it!


And I really like the

“shall not come into judgment.”

Yes, that part is way cool. =D



So, let me post these flowers for Sylvia:





And as for the fall pictures,

well, while 2014 might not have had

the vibrant colors seen in years gone by,

the Creator has put much beauty in nature;

sometimes we just need to look at it

in an unexpected place and

from a different angle.


My wife spotted this tree in a parking lot:





This one, too...





the beauty is more apparent

as you zoom in:








And this picture reminds me that,

using all the science and technology

that we possess today,

we could not produce a single one of

these simple leaves:





As for this one...




Yes, you’re right,

pine needles grow up,

toward the sun.

And in this picture,

“up” is to the right.


This is a reminder that

when things in our lives

seem a bit out of whack,

we might want to step back

and view them from

a different perspective.


After all, we often focus

on our own imperfections,

while the One who breathed

and left a trail of galaxies

sees us as the most important thing

in all Creation.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,








Sylvia remembrance