Friday, October 06, 2017

kitties & puppies in heaven...a blast from the past

Well my dear ones,
It’s been so long that I’ve written anything;
and so many bad things have happened recently
that I turned back to the past, the long past,
to see what I could see; this starts in 2006,
and then dials the clock back to 2002:
Date: 22 JUNE 2006
Subject: kitties in heaven (& puppies, too) :D
well my dear ones,
My friend, Joyce, had to have her kitty, Tyson,
put to sleep last night.
The poor thing had pneumonia,
but also feline AIDS,
so there was nothing [humanly]
that could be done for him,
and Joyce could only just hold him
while he was put to sleep.
She asked me yesterday
if I thought she’d see her kitty in heaven.
I believe so,
and I think I wrote something to that effect
many years ago...
*rummages around his in his e-mails*
Yes, here it is, from way back in June of 2002;
this blast-from-the-past is for Joyce,
...and anyone else who has ever lost a pet they loved:
18 June 2002
dave is cyber-bummed big time;
his kitty, Gretchen, that he bought his wife
fifteen years ago, is gone.
I found her this morning,
curled up in the tall grass
on a little hill on the side of our house.
at least she didn't get hit by a car
or mauled by some other animal.
it looks like she just curled up
in a little ball,
and died peacefully in her sleep,
dreaming little kitty dreams...
so I buried her on the side hill,
and yeah, I cried on the way to work.
I loved that cat for 15 years...
well, I pray that C.S. Lewis is right.
(and I truly believe he is)
if "joy is the serious business of heaven"
and there are no tears beyond heaven's gate,
then how could little girls be happy there
like without their pets?
without their kitties & puppies
& hamsters & gerbils & all that they love?
heh, I've seen the love of God
accomplish amazing things, and yet
who am I to comprehend the mysteries of deep heaven?
I guess I should know by now
to trust God to know best.
if God wishes there to be kitties in heaven,
then kitties there shall be.
(& puppies, too, & all manner of our pets
 we have loved and lost and long to see again :D)
Have a pleasant week.
grace, peace, and love to you,


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