Tuesday, July 26, 2016

tell your heart to beat again




Well my dear ones,




First off, I would like to apologize

for the long time gap between now

and Simba’s story

(Simba...what a cute little spud! =>).


I was set to write something,

“tell your heart to beat again,”

but then my Mom passed away,

and it took me quite a while

to get my own heart to beat again.


[Shakespearian aside to Mom]

“Mom, thanks for being the best Mom

anyone could ever expect to have.

I love you!

And I’ll see you again in heaven.”







As I was saying, there’s a really cool song

that gets a lot of radio play these days,

“tell your heart to beat again”

by Danny Gokey.


It’s a good tune with a catchy beat,

and I kind of liked it already,

till I caught an interview with the artist

on the background behind it,

and that really added to the song.


There was a pastor in Ohio

who had a heart surgeon who went to his church.

And this pastor really wanted to see

a heart surgery performed.

On the one he got to see one,

the surgeon split the chest,

took out the heart,

repaired it,

and went to do the last step,

to re-start the heart.


But the heart wouldn’t start.


So the surgeon went off script

and did something they don’t

teach you in medical school.


He got down on his knees and said,

“Mrs. Johnson, this is your doctor;

we have fixed your heart.

We have repaired it;

there is nothing wrong with your heart.


“Mrs. Johnson, if you can hear me,

you need to tell your heart to beat again.”


And her heart began to beat.


This is a metaphor for us.

Many of us have been through pain,

been through hurt and disappointment,

abandonment and discouragement.


Yet even after God has fixed our heart,

we can be in pause mode,

like we’re just existing,

but not really living.

We have to come into agreement with

the work that’s been done,

and do like it says in the chorus:


Tell your heart to beat again

Close your eyes and breathe it in

Let the shadows fall away

Step into the light of Grace

Yesterday's a closing door

You don't live there anymore

Say goodbye to where you've been

And tell your heart to beat again


May God lift you up.

May grace surround you.

May your heart beat again.



grace, peace, and love to you,