Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

not home yet


well my dear ones,



Last night I went to a special prayer service

for the school tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut,

the 12 little girls, 8 little boys, and 6 adults

who lost their lives.


I'm sure there were many such services

all around the country,

all attended by folk looking for answers.


When things like this happen,

people ask, "why?"

I just flipped on the news for a few minutes,

and people are still asking that question.


I thought about asking, "why?,"

and realized that in doing so

I was basically looking for,

and expecting,

perfect justice

...in this world.


A trap into which many people

(especially in the USA)

tend to fall is to think

that if only we can work hard enough,

if only we can get the right people in charge,

if only we can raise people's consciousness,

that we can somehow create heaven on earth.


While it's always cool to strive for perfection

and to try and get justice

(especially for the poor and the down-trodden),

this place isn't heaven

...and it never will be.


God didn't want robots,

so God gave us free will;

and we used that free will to break Creation.


So now we live in a fallen broken world,

where God still allows us free will;

and some will use it to choose good,

while some will use it to choose evil.


May you always fight against evil

and choose the good,

realizing that what you are perfecting

is not this world,

which will pass away,

but rather,

your own character,

which will outlive this place,

and which is all you'll take from it.


Remember, we are not home yet,

though those little ones are;

I pray for all the families who lost loved ones

that God will (in God's own good time) give them

the peace that surpasses all human understanding.


Have a prayerful and considerate week.


grace, peace, and love to you,



At that time the disciples came to Jesus

and asked,

“Who, then, is the greatest

in the kingdom of heaven?”


He called a little child to him,

and placed the child among them.

And he said:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change

and become like little children,

you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 

Therefore, whoever takes

the lowly position of this child

is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


      --- Matthew 18: 1-4



"And God shall wipe away all tears

 from their eyes;

 and there shall be no more death,

 neither sorrow, nor crying,

 neither shall there be any more pain:

 for the former things are passed away."

      --- Revelation 21:4

Sunday, December 02, 2012




well my dear ones,


I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.


I've been contemplating it for awhile now,

and I see I have much for which to give thanks.


And, in retrospect,

I wish I had prayed more

and worried less.


When my wife was told she might have cancer,

I should have prayed more;

but instead I worried a whole big bunch.


The doctor who operated on her

told me that the doctor who sent her for tests

saved her life,

because in 4 more months,

she would have had cancer...

...like I said, I wish I'd prayed more,

but God hooked her up, big time.


Then, after a LOT of testing,

my wife was diagnosed with MS.

I should have prayed about it more,

but instead I worried a whole big bunch.


After over a year of Tai Chi

(and the special healing aspects of Qi Gong),

she has a green belt

and her MS is under control,

plus she has not had to take ANY medication.

I wish I'd prayed about it more,

but God hooked her up big time.


So, when my wife had heart problems recently,

well, I'm sure you're thinking,

"Hey Dave,

God hooked you up twice already,

so surely you've learned your lesson;

surely you prayed this time

instead of worrying."


Thank you for thinking so kindly of me,

but no, I only prayed a little bit,

and instead I worried a whole lot.


Yet, once again,

God hooked her up big time.

Although my wife has an issue

with the internal pacemaker in her heart

(the natural internal pacemaker we all have),

it's something easily solvable with medication;

and it looks like even that

will only have to be short term.


Hence, as the end of the year approaches,

and the holiday season draws nigh,

I find myself counting up my blessings,

and giving thanks for a great many things.


I hope you all have much

for which to give thanks, too.


Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,