Friday, September 16, 2016

animals saving humans




Well my dear ones,




I have many friends who work saving animals,

which is way cool, of course.


But I do really love stories about

animals saving people,

especially when the animals

risk their own lives to do it.


That’s just too cool!

And it convinces me even more

(not like I really needed it =>)

that God gave us our furry friends

to teach us how to love.


A dog jumping in front of a train

to save his blind owner (who fainted)?


A gorilla rescuing an unconscious 3-year-old?


A whale saving a diver?


Life dogs that rescue drowning victims?


A pig stopping traffic and leading people

to her owner who had a heart attack?


A police dog jumping in front of his [human]

partner and taking a bullet for him?


Dolphins rescuing a man from sharks?


A kitty that acts as a smoke detector?


Lions rescuing a girl from sexual predators?


It all sounds far-fetched, but these things

all happened:


Sometimes God’s simple creatures

do the coolest things. =D



grace, peace, and love to you,