Wednesday, December 07, 2016 and me




Well my dear ones,



Each morning, as the sun comes up,

our backyard fills up with critters,

as the not-so-feral cats come from the woods

and into the Sanctuary for their breakfast.


God forbid, I am a little late,

as then the yowling starts!


When I look at all the crying faces,

I think how I can’t even imagine

what it would be like to be a mom,

in a third world country,

who had her kids look at her like that,

and she didn’t have food for them...


...thanks be to God,

we do have the resources to feed these cats,

and I am thankful for that...every day.


But these cats couldn’t care less

about who is running the country,

they are just starved for food;

they are just concerned with the basics.


I have friends from many backgrounds;

but lately, I see many people trying to

make an “us” versus “them” argument.


Me?  I’m more basic.

I’m like,

“What about you?  And me?”


I try to focus on the small things;

each morning, as I go out to

gas up the car,

or get a coffee,

I spent a little extra time

striking up conversations with people

about...well, just about anything.

It’s not so much what we talk about;

it’s more about how you make

the other person feel

by showing them that you care

...about them.


What I am seeing is this:

the more kindness, caring,

and encouragement I give out,

the more I get in return.


It’s a good way to live. =D


grace, peace, and love to you,



“If it is possible,

 as far as it depends on you,

 live at peace with everyone.”

   --- Romans 12:18