Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the gift


well my dear ones,


I was listening to the radio

and I heard a story about a guy

who did something that was so awesome

that I just had to check it out.


The guy was a star shot putter

for the University of New Hampshire.

And a couple years ago, he had signed up

to be a bone marrow donor;

but he had pretty much forgotten about it

until he got the call

that he had been matched to someone

who needed his bone marrow

in order to be cured of leukemia.


But due to the type of athlete he is,

for him to be a donor,

this guy had to give up his career;

yet he said he had no regrets,

that he’d do it all again.


You can read about him here:



So, this guy really sacrificed a lot

in order to give someone else the gift of life.

How cool is that?  In my book, way cool.


Have a great week!  =)


grace, peace, and love to you,