Friday, June 10, 2016

Simba's story




Well my dear ones,




My last blog on “Ugly” got a lot of responses.

But most of them were of the type like,

“Thanks for ruining my lunch & making me cry!”


Well, that obviously wasn’t my intent;

and I do agree that most of the people

in that story acted horribly;

I also concur that, like the responders,

my own reaction would have been

to adopt that little spud on sight. =)


Fortunately, many animal stories

have a much happier ending.

A while after posting the story of Ugly,

I came across a “Cat Found” poster

at our local Post Office.


I saw the pic of this sweet little kitty,

and my first thought was,

“What if the owner doesn’t claim this cat?

Will the person who found him know

to take him to a no-kill shelter?”


Hence, I grabbed a tab off the poster

and called Cassie that night.

I told her I saw her poster

and though I was not the owner,

I was concerned for that kitty,

like that he would find a good home.


As you’ll see, my fears proved groundless.

Here is Simba’s story, as told by Cassie:


It was a normal run of the mill Monday

of spin class at 6 am sharp when I get a call

from my supervisor to show up to work at 6:10AM.

It was out of the ordinary but, i followed my

orders and left spin class left the gym

to go to work.


As I was leaving the gym I noticed the people

I was passing were watching the sidewalk;

as I looked in their direction, I noticed this

tiny orange tabby cat with a red collar.


Being the cat lover I am, I quickly

dropped my bag and called for the kitten.

It quickly came bounding and literally

hugged me and nuzzled my chin.

I scooped up the cat and took it to my car

to check it's tags and registration;

nothing but a rabies tag

with no name or contact information.


I quickly snapped a photo of him and

posted him online to start finding his home.

After leaving the cat in my car

for a few minutes while i returned to work,

I asked my supervisor and she insisted for me

to take him home and ensure he's healthy.


After a flea bath and a vet check I found out

that "he" is a little over 7 months old,

healthy but little underweight

and in need of a lot of rest.

Before I left him at home to rest

I ensured he was safe and separated

in my bedroom away from my three rescues

who were very intrigued and curious

about this new kitty.


I soon left for work,

hoping he would relax and enjoy a bed.

I made flyers and posted them everywhere on base

hoping his family would call to get him back.

He was found at the base gym

so that was the first place I posted,

then the on-base housing offices,

the post-office etc.


[Simba, at first discovery & after a few days]



Within a week I sadly realized

no one was going to call and with my cats

growing more and more aggressive

towards this cat

I knew I needed to find him a new home.


[Simba exploring Cassie’s house,

 going to the vet, & recovering]



After contacting a few people I thought

would want him

I received all the same answer "No thank you".

On a day when I felt hopeless of

finding him a new home,

I received a Facebook message from a co-worker

who saw my flyers at her work center on base

and she asked if I could bring him over

to let him stay there

until his family contacted me.


I immediately said yes

offered to come by after work.

Well without hesitation, i put all my eggs

into this basket and went out and got

a travel carrier, cat food, toys etc.

I quickly rushed over there to her house

and introduced him to his new family.


It was love at first sight.

The two little girls were gentle,

but excited and my coworker (the mother)

just loved how gentle he was with them back.


I was nervous about their other cat "Jazzy,"

who was a rescue as well; but over time

they grew accustomed to one another.

I asked them what would they name him

because he didn't have a name,

and one of the girls promptly said "Simba",

like she knew him the whole time.


After I left I felt like I did the right thing.

I took a chance on taking the cat home

and then my friend took a chance on this cat,

but it was all worth it.

It was worth it to feed

and bathe the cat for hours;

it was worth it to lose sleep,

because he needed to be held for comfort,

and it was worth it to walk out of her house

knowing that cat was going to be loved

by a beautiful family.


I couldn't be any happier that he is

with his new family

and it just warms my heart

knowing that everyone is happy and safe.


[Simba with his new family]



Thanks, Cassie; that is so cool!

I love a good rescue story,

one with a happy ending.” =D


grace, peace, and love to you,


Simba loved and happy in his new home

recovering after the vet

exploring & on his way to the vet

first discovery and after a few days