Monday, April 21, 2014





well my dear ones,



Our cat, Georgie, lives on the front porch;

he has a little house to sleep in,

and every morning he is sitting there,

right at my feet crying for his food.


And every time I open the front door,

or the garage door,

he is right there crying for treats.


Every morning, he follows me to my car

hoping to scam a few extra treats

before I pull away.


Sadly, tonight, someone ran him over.


I was just playing with him

and giving him his favorite treats

a couple of hours ago,

and now he’s gone.


This was our little fuzz, Georgie:




To the person who killed him,

the one who ran him down

and didn’t even stop

while he lay dying in the road,

I just want to say,

“We forgive you.”


And to Georgie, I say,

“We love you,

 and we pray to God

 for a place for you

 in deep heaven

 so we can love on you some more.

 In the meantime,

 you will be missed, little fuzz.”


Thank all y’all for listening,

and have a great week.


grace, peace, and love to you,



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