Monday, March 24, 2014




well my dear ones,



I’ve spent over a week trying to

write about something else, anything else,

but it’s just not working,

which is an indication that this

is what I’m supposed to write about.


“Plum” is a singer.

At least I always thought it was Plum.

But when I looked up that moniker,

it appears she spells her stage name “Plumb.”

She added a “b” in honor of her producer,

Matt Bronleewe, and his contribution

to her sound (which is cool, of course).


Anyway, her real name is Tiffany Arbuckle Lee,

which I guess she thought was too long

to fit on an album cover. *lol*


Originally, her songs were published as

Christian Contemporary Music,

but some thought her material too dark

for that particular genre,

so she branched out into Alternative Rock

and Electric Dance Music.


Plumb touches on some deep topics,

like her song, “Cut,”

(a song about small cutting,

 not suicide, but just trying to

 externalize the internal pain;

 I know many cutters, so I can relate)

which was featured on the Vampire Diaries,

or “Damaged,” a song about a girl

who is coping with being molested as a child.


Back in 2000, she was thinking of leaving

the music industry for good,

when a fan wrote to her about “Damaged,”


“Whatever you do,

 I just want you to never forget

 that you have changed someone's life.”


That letter inspired Plumb to stay in music

...and I’m glad she did;

I love her music;

I can listen to her for hours,

which I often do.


She has one song I must have listened to

like 57 times,

and I’m sure I’m good for another 57 or so.

“Don’t Deserve You,” is a song

written on two levels;

in one way, it’s about her son,

and how much he means to her life;

but it also has a deeper meaning

about how much God loves us,

or, as she puts it:


“You never give up

 When I'm falling apart

 Your arms are always open wide

 And you're quick to forgive

 When I make a mistake

 You love me in the blink of an eye.”


Something about that line of

God loving us in the blink of an eye,

no matter how many times we screw up,

really resonates with me,


(You can see the full lyrics,

 or hear the song, here:


When I hear a song like that

it gives me hope,

and it transports me

out of my day-to-day existence,

...lifts me up to where I can “see” heaven.


Isn’t that what great music does?


Thanks, Plumb,

love you!

And please keep on writing music.




Have a great week, all! =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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