Monday, December 02, 2013



well my dear ones,



I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!


However, that’s not the “Hope” to which

I was referring in the subject line;

I meant “Hope” as a proper noun,

as in the name of a particular dog.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. *lol*


My wife and I have a friend

who is struggling through some tough times

(and who can’t relate to that?).

My wife’s been trying to encourage her,

but she’s been really down, really blue

(and that’s all too common at holiday time).


Yet when my wife spoke to her yesterday,

she sounded the most upbeat and perky

that she has been in a long time.

And it sounds as if at least one reason

is the new puppy that she and her husband

got for their kids

(the fulfillment of a promise to them).


It seems someone left two puppies

right next to the dumpster

at our local PetSmart.

(pretty sad, but at least, thankfully,

 they didn’t put them in the dumpster!)


PetSmart employees found them

and took them in,

naming them, “Sonny & Cher.”

(Actually, I’m old enough to remember

 when those two had their own TV show

 of that very name *lol* =>).


Sonny got adopted,

but Cher was still there,

looking and hoping to be adopted

into her forever home.


The kids loved her at first sight,

so our friend took her home

and renamed her, “Hope.”


While Hope’s prayers were answered,

and she now has a whole family

to love on her,

she is also paying the family back

by giving them hope in trying times.


Hence, my theory that God gives us pets

to help us with the (difficult) process

of learning to love others.


Sometimes it can be hard to love people;

but who couldn’t love a little tiny puppy?

(Not me!  =>)


There’s a sign in our vet’s office that reads:

“God please make me into the person

 That my dog already thinks I am.”


...I can relate to that!



Have a great week! =)


grace, peace, and love to you,





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