Sunday, September 29, 2013



well my dear ones,


I’m not talking about the doll

that my sis, Diane, used to play with

when we were kids (love you, Di!);

I’m talking about a woman named

Barbie Thomas, who is a fitness competitor.


There’d be nothing super special

about that except that

this particular fitness competitor

has no arms!


Yes, due to an accident when she was

only two-years-old,

she got her arms burned to the bone by

a power transformer on which she was playing.


I heard an interview with her

where she said she wasn’t expected to live,

and her Mom prayed that,

if she was allowed to live,

God would use her in some huge way.


In one of her recent competitions,

She was named “most inspirational,”

a first for such events.


You can read about her here:


And here:


I’d say her Mom’s pray got answered

in a huge way;

Barbie is an inspiration

to never give up,

but rather to focus on the positives

in any situation.


Have a great week! =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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