Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lacey & Jeremiah


well my dear ones,



A few days ago,

my wife found an abandoned kitten.

It was starving,

with eyes crusted shut so it couldn’t see,

and, as we found out later,

it also had a broken leg!


My wife called her “Lacey,”

and made her a little nest,

after she first cleaned up her eyes.


The next day, Lacey was off to the vet,

where they found out “she”

was actually a little boy kitty

with a broken leg.


[Hence, my wife re-named him Jeremiah,

after the character played by Luke Perry

in the post-apocalyptic TV series,]


The women at Southwood Animal Hospital

are so awesome!

They made him a little splint from

coffee stirrers,

after first washing him

and then drying him with a blow dryer

to make sure he didn’t catch a chill.

One of the women even took him home

for the night just to ensure he was OK.


For now, he lives in a big cage

in the living room

until his leg heals.


He loves to spend time

snuggling with the Mommy

who saved him.



And loves to sleep on the neck

of the Daddy who feeds him.



Hopefully, his little cast

will be off soon.



Some might ask,

“You can’t save them all;

 does it matter

 what your wife did?”




It matters to this little kitty well as to everyone

who reads about him.



Have a great week!  =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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