Sunday, July 21, 2013

thirteen dollars


well my dear ones,


Who among us hasn’t prayed

for a loved one to be healed of a disease,

or for someone we care about

to be delivered from an addiction?


Although the answer is “no” or “wait”

as often as it is “yes,”

I believe the asking is at least

as important as the answer;

and I’m sure God cares

that we pray about the big things.


But what about the small things?

Do you ever feel like the little things

are too small to “bother” God about?

Do you think God even cares

that we take the time

to pray about these things?


Well, I’ll answer that question with a story.


One day, I had just finished teaching

a bunch of  two and three-year-olds

that we are the hands of God in this world.

And on my way home,

God put it on my heart to go

to the gas station where I usually get coffee,

as there was someone there who needed

to receive a blessing.


I went and got a coffee,

then sat in my car waiting.

Within a couple of minutes, a woman came over

from the hotel across the street.


She said,

“I don’t know how to say this,

 So I’ll just say it.

 My car broke down, so I had to

 stay at that hotel.” *pointing*

“I gave them all the money I had on me,

 but I’m still thirteen dollars short.

 Can you help me, please?”


I gave her all the cash I had on me,

which was only like five dollars;

then I wished her well, and drove off.


Yet as soon as I drove away,

I felt an uneasiness in my spirit

that I hadn’t done enough.

Thinking of the lesson

That I’d just taught those kids,

I prayed,

“God, if you want me to help that woman,

then let her still be there when I return.”


So I drove to the bank

to get the weekly money,

and took out some extra.


When I got back to the gas station,

the woman was still there.

I asked her how she made out

getting the rest of the thirteen dollars.

She told me that she hadn’t gotten any

but that which I’d already given her,

so I gave her some more money.


She started to cry,

and told me that now she could pay her bill

and have lunch while she waited for her Dad.

He was on his way, but wouldn’t get there

for a couple more hours.

But the hotel wouldn’t wait,

and was going to confiscate her belongings

if she didn’t pay her bill by 11:00 AM.


It was now 10:50.


I asked her if she had prayed for help,

and she said, yes, she had.

So I told her about how God had

put it on my heart to go there

for someone there needed a blessing

and that person was her.


She cried some more,

Then gave me a hug,

and ran across the street to pay her bill.


So, does God care that we pray about

the small things?


I’d weigh in with a big “yes” on that. =)



Have a great week!  =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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