Sunday, April 21, 2013



well my dear ones,


In a free and open society like ours

some people will choose to use their freedom

to commit murderous acts of evil.


What impressed me about the events in Boston

was the reaction of the people there:

people running toward to the blasts

to see if they could help;

first responders savings lives;

Marathon runners running to the hospital

to donate blood;

people giving food, water, and aid to others;

and also most cool was the aid given by

the comfort dogs:



While we cannot control

the evil actions of others,

we can control our reaction to it.

With swift justice for the perpetrators,

and much compassion for the victims,

Boston, you did well.

Kudos to you,

and may next year’s marathon

be most awesome one ever.


Have a great week!  =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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