Sunday, April 07, 2013

on the edge


well my dear ones,


A couple of weeks ago,

I was in a store buying some cat food.

Fortunately, I wasn’t in a rush,

so I noticed that the saleswoman

was starting to get tears in her eyes

while looking at the bag of cat food.


In talking with her,

it turned out that her cat, KitKat,

had been missing for days.

She started crying while she told me about him.


There was no one else around,

so I was able to take a minute

and pray with her

about the little spud.


A week later

I went back to the same store

to pick up some more food

and to check up with that woman

on the status of her lost kitty.


It turns out, KitKat, the little imp,

has moved in with one of her friends

who lives down the road.


While she joked about what an

ungrateful little spud he was,

abandoning her after all she’d done for him,

it was obvious how relieved she was

that he was safe with her friend.


She thanked me for praying with her,

and for following up on the status

of her little baby, KitKat.


The thing I learned from all this

is that there are far more people than we know

who are living on the edge,

and who could use a word,

or even just a friendly ear,

to help keep them from...

well, basically, just nerving out.


And we can be the ones who give them

that word of encouragement

or that friendly ear;

all we need do is move through life

a little bit more slowly,

so we can be attuned to the opportunities

that are all around us.



Have a great week!  =)


grace, peace, and love to you,




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