Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ken (or “The High Road”)


well my dear ones,


Not long ago, a friend stopped by

and made mention of another friend of ours,

Ken, who died a few years ago.


What he said was,

“Ken, he was such a great guy;

he never had a bad word to say about anybody.”


As soon as he said it,

it was like I was 9 years old again,

listening to a lecture from my Dad,

“If you can’t say anything nice about someone,

then don’t say anything at all!”


It was a lecture he was to repeat many times

over the course of a great number of years.


Sadly, when this guy spoke about Ken,

it made me think about how I had failed

to live up to what my Dad tried to teach.


Ken, on the other hand,

would have made my Dad proud;

he lived out my Dad’s little lecture;

he was a quiet humble Christian guy

who never had a bad word to say about anyone;

he walked the high road,

even when others around him didn’t.


As Ben Franklin said,

“Experience keeps a dear school,

but fools will learn in no other.”


That being the case,

(and if you would like your life

 to run more smoothly)

I would urge you not to be foolish like me,

but rather to live as my friend Ken did

(whilst I strive to make up for lost time

 by doing likewise).


Yet we should be patient with ourselves,

since, seeing as we are still here,

God’s not finished with us yet. =)


Have a great week.


grace, peace, and love to you,



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