Tuesday, January 01, 2013

time in the car wash


well my dear ones,



A few days ago, I borrowed my wife's truck

in order to run a few errands

and pick up some things

that were too big to fit in my car.


So I figured the least I could do

was to top off her gas tank

and get her a car wash

(at combo gas station/car wash).


Yet when I punched in the car wash code,

as I have many times before without issue,

this time it didn't work out.


The car wash ran through most of the steps

and then stopped on the last one;

the lights on the computer went out

and the sprayer stopped halfway across the car

blocking my way out.


As I sat there sipping my coffee,

I was thinking about how

"They" always tell you never to get out

at an automatic car wash.

(like what if I moved the washer head

 and the thing started up again?)


I waited a few minutes,

but when my coffee ran out

I got out and moved the washer head

enough so I could drive out;

then I went back in and told the manager

that, although my car got washed,

the thing was broken.


She went and checked it out,

reset the computer,

and came back and gave me a new code

to get the car re-washed

just in case the previous rinse

didn't finish properly;

I thanked her and went back out.


I ran through the wash a second time

and all went perfectly;

I was in a rush,

so I was about to head out,

but then I thought I really ought to go back in

and thank that manager for her kindness

and also to let her know that everything

was now A OK.


So I went back in and told her that

and also wished her a blessed New Year;

the total time for that

was only about ten seconds,

but her face lit up and it made her so happy.


And that gave me the idea

for my simple New Year's resolution:

even when in a hurry, slow down,

and take the extra ten seconds

to thank people for their simple

day-to-day courtesies.


You may think that's the dumbest resolution

of which you've ever heard, and that's OK.


My second resolution is this:

to wish all y'all a blessed

and most awesome New Year!!!


Have a great week.


grace, peace, and love to you,



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