Tuesday, November 06, 2012



well my dear ones,


As I've mentioned before,

I like to take broken things

and restore them.


I have a friend who lost his brother

some time ago,

so I started restoring a shotgun for him,

a memorial that he could use

to remember his brother.


I spent a long time working on

some broken-down specimens,

eventually sending him this

(H&R 20 gauge shotgun):


the memorial gun, right side



and the left side



and the plaque



After he received it,

I got a letter from him:


"Good Morning Dave:

I received the gift of your kindness

with joy and thankfulness.

It brought back many memories of times past.

When I saw the gun I had to dig out a picture

of my brothers and me holding our shotguns;

and as best as I can remember,

he is holding an H&R 20 gauge shotgun.

I do not recall the model,

but the picture was taken in 1962.

The gun you sent looks the same.

How you chose that gun I do not know,

but it could not be better."


That's a pretty interesting coincidence;

what he got is a good remembrance for him

because the gun I sent him is the same

as the gun his brother had 50 years ago.


Yet, truly, it was no coincidence at all;

and I'm not surprised by how it all worked out.

This was actually the third gun I worked on;

as I worked on the other two,

neither one 'felt' right,

but when I started on this gun, it did;

God put it on me, "this is the one."


What I get from all this is,

even in our trying circumstances,

we can always trust God's timing

and attention to detail.


Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,



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