Sunday, August 18, 2013

our beloved pets


well my dear ones,



Despite an emergency trip to the animal hospital

as well as two follow up visits

and around the clock feeding by my wife...




...the little fuzz, Jeremiah, didn’t make it.


We only had him in our lives for 10 days,

so, does it matter?


It does to me.


If we had it to do over again,

even knowing how it would turn out,

I’d still want my wife to take him in.


Because instead of dying alone, in pain,

and unable to even see,

he got to spend some time with us,

where he was showered with affection,

and he died in a home

held by those who loved him.




Will there be animals in heaven?

We’ve talked of this before;

the Bible supports it.


“Creation itself also will be delivered

from the bondage of corruption

into the glorious liberty

of the children of God. 

For we know that the whole Creation

[i.e. including animals]

groans and labors with birth pangs

together until now.”

--- Revelation 5:21-22


(see more support here:



After he passed away,

my wife was praying about Jeremiah;

and just as soon as she finished,

she got a clear vision of him

playing with Lulu

[the little kitten we only had for 2 days]

in the grass in the fields of heaven.

And that gave her (and me)

a measure of the peace

that passes all human understanding.


For anyone of you who ever lost a beloved pet,

you might also like this website:




Rest in peace, little fuzz,

Until we see you again.


grace, peace, and love to you,



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