Monday, February 24, 2014

bitter or better


well my dear ones,



A few days ago, a man came in to

check out our Tai Chi class

with a thought toward joining.


I’ll call him Marvin,

mostly because that’s his name. =>


I spoke with him for a few minutes after class

and found he did a couple of tours overseas,

suffered a traumatic brain injury,

and then had a stroke

so that he now has to walk with a cane.


One might expect him to be a little bitter

about the hand he’s been dealt,

but actually, he’s quite the opposite;

on the bitter or better thing,

he chose better.

He’s all,

“Praise God; I’m still alive,

 still walking, and I’m going

 to get better.”


I’ve done enough martial arts

for a long enough time to know

that our mental state has

a direct effect on our physical state.

With an excellent attitude like he has,

I’m sure he will get better.


As for the rest of us,

it’s our choice,

but whenever we choose “better,”

choose to focus on the positive

no matter what our situation,

our lives will improve.


Have a great week! =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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