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well my dear ones,



Even though I’ve said many times,

whether seen as email, Livejournal,

Facebook, or my blog,

no one need comment on these posts;

still “Twelfth Night” generated more comments

than anything in a long time

(fortunately, the comments were in email,

 so I can maintain my journal and blog

 as some of the least-commented ones on the net;

 I’m sadly proud of that *lol* =>).


The only things to elicit so much commentary

were a couple of old posts,

“One Note of Perfect Beauty,”


“Who Are You?”


I’ll post a link down below

to these two blasts from the (2007) past;

perhaps one or the other will speak to you.


However, first let me say,

if you haven’t been with me since the start

(somewhere in the year 2000),

you need to know that in the

C.S. Lewis-type universe in which I live,

Titania has been my mentor a good long time;

along with inputs from her sister, Wisdom,

and White Tiger,

the physical embodiment of human courage,

she strives to keep me on the path

to knowledge.


Any of these three would tend

to refer to God as “the One,”

or to Jesus as,



That being said,

here’s the links:




Now as to answers.

I don’t know exactly how it is with you,

but when I pray for stuff,

even when I say things like,

“God, I pray you heal my wife,

by doctors, by medicine,

or by the direct intervention

of the Holy Spirit,”

...well, even though I say that,

in my heart,

I really mean,

“God, I want some supernatural healing

...and I want it NOW!”


My wife’s already got some healing

from the martial art called Tai Chi.

She also got a natural remedy

that I found out about

from a friend who works

in the medical industry

(for anyone with MS, you may wish to

 try taking four of the 415 mg soft gel

 cod liver oil tablets,

 recommended by my friend after

 reading an obscure study done

 in Scandinavia).

In addition,

another martial arts instructor

is going to run a clinic on Iaido,

an art involving some very short forms

of drawing and striking and re-sheathing

a traditional Japanese sword,

which he said could help my wife

with her MS.


Well, that’s three answers,

but none of them is the answer I wanted;

yet together, they may add up

to some pretty powerful help for my wife,

so I guess I should be happy

that I got answers,

instead of quibbling that the answers

were not in the expected format.




Yesterday, I was driving home

from my nephew’s hockey game when

I felt a strong pull

to get off the highway at a certain exit.

I went in to a fast food place for some lunch.

As I was eating,

God put it on my heart that I should go

and pray for a particular woman in there.


I approached her,

and told her God wanted me to pray over her,

and asked if that would be OK with her,

and she said to please do.


So I told her I had no idea what she needed,

but God knew, so I had no need to know,

and I prayed that this would be a year

of healing and blessings for her,

and that she would be blessed

to be a blessing to many others.



Then she thanked me,

and said that was just what she needed.


Even so, whatever her needs were,

I kind of doubt that she woke up that morning

expecting some unknown guy

was going to pray over her at lunchtime. *lol*

Yet when it happened,

she took it for the answer it was.

Whatever is going on in her life,

at least she knows God cares about her.


So, the next time you pray for something,

keep your heart open for an answer

that might come in an unexpected way.




Have a great week! =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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