Sunday, May 13, 2012


well my dear ones,

The other night, my wife and I

watched a movie called, "To Save a Life,"

that dealt small cutting, depression

and teen suicide.

It was a good movie

and ended on a hopeful note,

but the thing I liked best

was that they gave a website

where you could post you own story

to help, to lift up others,

to give them a piece of hope.

So, if you have a life changing story

that you think might help someone else,

you can post it here:

However, they do limit you to 175 words.

To some, that may seem like a lot;

perhaps I'm just a bit too verbose;

I had to do six re-writes to get it that short,

to render it down to this:

I couldn't sleep that night till I posted that;

I felt that the kindly grandmotherly angelic lady,

the counselor who saved my life,

and got me re-calibrated,

would have wanted me to so do.

Yet 175 words isn't even enough to do

justice to me describing how cool she was.

As I noted once before,

I won't even go and look up her earthly name

as it would have no real meaning;

it would tend to make her seem like a mere person

when she was so much more than that.

Do I believe in actual angels?

Well, when I was in a pit of despair

the likes of which I pray none of you

will ever have to suffer through,

she handed me hope.

(across these many years,

 I remember it like yesterday

 because hope is such a powerful thing)

So yes, I believe in angels.

And if you are ever in need like I was,

I pray God sends such an angel in your path

to give you a hope and a future.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

      --- Hebrews 13: 2


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