Sunday, March 25, 2012


well my dear ones,

Last week I mentioned talents,

and that none of us have been gifted

with zero talents;

God has gifted all of us with some.

And while not all of us will get to

write songs that will

be heard around the world,

or have a surgeon's hands

that can save lives,

or have the skills to

be a world class diplomat

to kings and counselors,

yet there are some talents

that can be learned,

can be added to our repertoire.

My wife, Marcia, has many skills;

she has done more types of accounting

than I even knew existed when I met her.

However, at the company where we met,

our boss decided that the 57 things

she was doing to keep him in business

were not enough for her to do

and that she should also

be the entire Human Resources department.

At the time,

it was in no way a job she wanted,

yet she excelled at it.

Within a few minutes of meeting her,

most people are ready to tell her

their entire life's story,

because my wife is an awesome listener.

She doesn't judge you;

she doesn't interrupt you;

she doesn't cut you off in mid-sentence

by trying to finish your sentence for you;

and most importantly,

she doesn't pretend to listen

while actually formulating a reply;

...she just listens.

Do you realize how rare that is?

Most of the people with whom I deal

do one or more (or all four!)

of the things my wife doesn't do

instead of just listening.

Is it any wonder that

one of the biggest problems in any business

is communication?

Sometimes the problem rests with the orator

not being clear in what they're saying.

However, from my own experience,

(having been in the business world for 30 years)

I see most of the communication problems

stemming from the "listener" not listening.

If you really want to help other people

(with the by product of it helping you),

practice being an excellent listener.

Show a real interest in what others are saying;

give them your "full face;"

don't be typing on your computer,

or texting on your phone,

while telling them,

"Oh, go ahead, I'm listening;

I'm just checking my e-mails,

but I'm still listening."

(No, you are not.)

To do such things will earn you no respect,

while to listen (for real, as my wife does)

will earn you much respect and admiration

since there are so few who actually listen.

Be one of the few,

and you will enhance the lives of many. =)

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


"Spouting off before listening to the facts

 is both shameful and foolish."

            Proverbs 18:13

"Let every person be quick to listen,

 slow to speak, slow to anger"

            Epistle of James 1:19


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