Sunday, March 04, 2012


well my dear ones,

I hope you all had a great

Valentine's Day.

I should have written something then,

but I was a bit too freaked out;

my wife had an appointment the next day,

a big evaluation for how her MS is doing.

I spent the night worrying and praying,

although I have to admit

to doing more worrying,

which is pretty sad,

even though it may be more in line

with our human nature.

As it turned out,

her MS has not gotten any worse,

in fact, it's better,

because all her symptoms are under control

without any medication

and strictly through the practice of Tai Chi,

especially the healing form of it, Qi Gong

(pronounced "Chee Gong").

Her Tai Chi instructor wants her to make a video;

my wife hates to even have her picture taken;

however, the video is not really about her,

it's about helping the many others with MS

who might benefit from her testimony

of how much the practice of Qi Gong,

the healing elements of Tai Chi

have helped her to gain control of her life

and have given her hope.

God has "hooked her up,"

and for that, I am grateful.

And in keeping with an attitude of gratitude,

I have recently responded to a request

from a fiend of mine

who told me about a need in a kid's ministry

at a church.

I checked out the "Kids Town" there

to see where I might fit in to help out.

My first day of volunteering was in a

pre-K to first grade class.

I saw a guy way bigger than I am

get scratched and bit by a pre-K,

so I decided that was too rough a crowd *lol*

and moved down to the 3-year-olds

to try their puppet ministry.

I did two shows this morning,

and it was awesome!

As "Louie the Lion" I work with a story teller

to teach kids the most basic principles

(which I can even do in sign language),

"God made me.  God loves me."

I was scared to death for the first

few minutes of my first show;

but I got over it pretty quickly.

It's such a cool and rewarding privilege

to have the opportunity to teach

3-year-olds that God cares about them,

realizing that that could

make a difference in their lives

in later years,

like perhaps keep them away

from drugs or depression.

And it's really cool when the kids

call for your puppet.

Here's Louie:

Isn't he cute?

My wife picked him out;

she has a knack for such things.

The kids like him because his mane shakes

and flops over into his eyes;

they think that's funny;

and if it amuses them,

then that's a good thing.

As my fiend Amber (the rocket scientist =>)

pointed out, with 3-year-olds,

the most important thing is

how you make them feel.

If they feel safe and loved

they will remember that.

So if you ever get a chance

to work with 3-year-olds,

or kids of any age,

I highly recommend it;

it's very rewarding.

God gave you talents;

I know you've got 'em!

So don't be afraid

to step out of your comfort zone

and use them.  =)

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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