Saturday, January 21, 2012

Caleigh, words from Heaven

well my dear ones,

It's easy to take time for granted,
to think to ourselves,
"oh yeah, I'll get to that...someday."
Hence, we don’t meet everyone we'd like to
because we tell ourselves
we have plenty of time...

Today I had to go to a funeral for a friend,
actually for his daughter, Caleigh;
although I worked with her Dad,
I had never met Caleigh,
yet I "met" her today;
she spoke to me from Heaven;
and through the voices of those she loved,
those who loved her,
I heard her spirit quite clearly.

Caleigh only lived to be 17,
so her friends are young;
it's hard for people of any age
to get up and speak in public,
so I give them a lot of credit
for many of them did;
and while some broke down in tears
at the conclusion of their piece,
that only added a strong testimony
of the depth of their love
for their friend.

One spoke of being lonely,
and Caleigh was there to be a friend;
one spoke of having no lunch,
and Caleigh shared hers with her;
one spoke of being trapped in her shell,
and Caleigh broke her out of it.
one spoke of how whenever he was down,
Caleigh would lift him up;
many spoke of how Caleigh was full of smiles,
and loved to share them,
and how she always had a kind word to say
about everyone.

Thank you, Caleigh; message received;
you didn't just talk it;
you lived the Jesus thing
(love God; love others);
you lived your whole life loving others;
and by putting joy into their lives,
you gave us an example of how to live.
May God bless and keep you.

grace, peace, and love to you,


"And God shall wipe away all tears
 from their eyes;
 and there shall be no more death,
 neither sorrow, nor crying,
 neither shall there be any more pain:
 for the former things are passed away."

      --- Revelation 21:4


Blogger electronicart said...

Caleigh's smile is planted in my heart. She did so much in her short life. I remember her from cub scouts, she would tag along with her brother, Joel. She was always there with her big smile and outstanding attitude. Once she joined in the pinewood derby race in the family division. While most of the entries were these shaved down cars, built for speed, she had one that looked like a Volkswagon Bug. She won! She always knew something we didn't.

After listening to her friends speak at her celebration, I feel somewhat honored to have been there. Caleigh is God's girl and always was. Good job Caleigh.

5:45 AM  

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