Tuesday, November 08, 2011

intervals of sunlight and shadow

well my dear ones,

Back in August, I wrote about how
we all need to recharge every now and again.

I mentioned that sometimes we need to stop,
and plug in to the Source;
take a deep breath,
and look around us
at the beauty of Creation.

Personally, I like to recharge
by taking out my kayak, Jubilee,
and I built her for just such occasions.
Here she is on the bank of a quiet creek.

She enables me to get into
what I call small water...

...the little places,
the secret places,
the places known to God alone.

My kayak lets me get out to see
the intervals of sunlight and shadow...

...although sometimes I get to places
that even she can't get through...

The other nice thing about a kayak
is that it lets me sneak up on wildlife.
God's creatures have little fear
of a quiet motor-less craft.

Here's a Blue Jay,
caught by the water's edge...

And I got this Brown Thrasher
just as it was taking flight...

This squirrel was hiding on a branch
as I passed underneath...

And this turtle didn't mind posing
for a close-up;
I love that the water was calm enough
to get the reflection
of the log and also the turtle's shell...

Well, some of you may get out on a kayak
and some may not;
either way, I thought I would share
these pictures with you
so that you might drink in
some of the peace I got
from spending time on the water
with God's simple creatures.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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