Sunday, March 11, 2012


well my dear ones,

In these trying economic times,

everyone who has a job

should consider themselves blessed

(a whole bunch of my friends

 were recently laid off).

What's the best way to keep a job,

or, if you're looking,

to get a job?

Well, as I'm sure I mentioned before,

attitude is super important.

My "friend" Amber

(sorry for the mis-spell last week, Am!

 don't be mad; I still love you =>)

works on the last piece of a cancelled program.

Her part is still "in"

because her team met all their goals

and all their milestones.

Despite working 60+ hours per week,

and going to school every night,

Amber maintains an awesome "can-do" attitude,

the type of attitude employers seek.

Perhaps it's not too much to expect

someone with an awesome job

to have an awesome attitude.

What about someone with a job

on which most people look down?

Last week, my wife and I

watched an episode of Undercover Boss

where the Chief Talent Officer (CTO)

of a company went to check on

a man who was just hired as a custodian.

His attitude was that the restaurant was "his"

from the point of view that if the place

wasn't clean, no one would come back.

Hence, he went to great lengths

to keep even the dumpster out back clean.

Also, this guy didn't think the soap provided

by the company was safe enough for kids

(who might lick a table or something)

so he bought special natural soap

(way more expensive!)

with his own money.

Additionally, this guy lost everything

thanks to Hurricane Katrina,

yet he still has a most awesome attitude,

and even spends his day off

preparing food for over 100 people

at a soup kitchen.

Naturally, the CTO LOVED this guy!

She gave him $10,000 for his church

to expand their soup kitchen,

but not really much for himself,

because he didn't really need anything

and I think she didn't want to

mess up his humility

(and the money she gave him

 to help others

 seemed to make him happier

 than anything she could have

 given to him).

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist,

or to lose everything in a hurricane,

to develop an excellent attitude;

it's a choice.

No matter the past,

or what we've been through,

we are all just one choice away

from having an awesome thankful attitude.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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