Thursday, April 12, 2012

joy in, not for


well my dear ones,

First off, thanks to those who alerted me

that they thought my FaceBook got hacked.

You were correct; it was (now fixed, though).

The 11:06 PM 11 April 2012 posting

was not from me.

Actually, I find it quite pathetic

that there are people who would waste their time

pretending to be someone else...quite sad;

I mean, anyone who wants to "steal" my life,

well, all I can say is I pity them.

I mean, God gave them their own life

and they'd be better off to be

getting on with it.

And that actually leads into today's post,

the idea that we can be joyful in all things,

which is a far cry from being joyful

for all things.

Recall recently the post "Skye,"

wherein I talked about trying

an extreme home makeover on myself.

Well, the day after my last post,

I was in a car accident;

a woman struck my from behind

while I was sitting at a stoplight.

She hit me hard enough that my truck it totaled

and while I can walk,

I can’t do any martial arts,

and the tingling in my fingers

makes it so I can't really play the bass.

So, of the three things

"I decided" to do,

it appears God has another plan;

I can do only one;

I can still move my hand enough

to do the puppet shows.

I suppose I could get angry

at the woman who hit me.

She was totally at fault and without excuse

and believe me, for the first few days,

I did just that.

However, what does that profit me?


In the end, I have to pray for her as well,

since I believe that she must feel bad

about what she did.

I suppose I could get all angry with God,

like do the Book of Job thing,

and try to justify myself.

Well, that didn't work for him,

so much the less would it profit me.

So, I'm left with seeing it as,

"What lesson am I to learn?"

Not that God caused it to happen,

but more like allowed it to happen,

perhaps to teach me humility,

or to make me more mindful

of those with handicaps

(that part's working, for sure),

or to teach me more patience

(not there yet).

The point is,

I can still maintain my joy,

not for my circumstances,

but in them.

And of the three new things,

only two got put on hold;

I can still do puppets for kids,

and of the three,

that is the one that gives me

the most joy.

So, the next time things don't

go your way,

ask yourself

what lessons might there be for you

in your current status;

and count the blessings you still have,

and see if you can find some room for joy.

It really wasn't as hard

as I thought it would be

(of course, I had my wife to "guide me"

 by which I mean she slapped the

 self pity out of me

 ...figuratively speaking, that is *lol*).

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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