Friday, September 23, 2011

cute story

well my dear ones,

I will mention something about myself
only to put the cute story in context.

This past Monday, I woke up with chest pains
and went to the hospital on a 911 call.
(a most uncool experience,
 and I totally do not recommend it!)

The pains subsided the next day,
and the cardiologist let me check out,
provided I went to see her
for a stress test before this week ended.

I had a nuclear stress test yesterday;
they shoot you up with radioactive dye,
take a bunch of pics of your heart,
make you run on a treadmill,
and then take more heart pics.
(wherever the dye can't go,
 shows up as dark spots,
 i.e. blockages)

Today, I got a clean bill of heart health
(praise God!)
thanks, I'm sure, to the many prayers
I got from visitors, friends,
and even the nice tech in the ambulance
(thank you, Heather!)

My thanks and appreciation to all,
yet one prayer in particular stands out,
and that is the cute story.

While I was on the treadmill,
the conversation went like this:

doc: "So, how about telling me a funny story."

me: "Well, I can tell you a cute story."

her: "Cute is always good."

me: "My wife told me our friend, Robin,
  was talking to her husband, Chris, about me,
  and their daughter, Gabby, overheard them.

(the Miss Gabby from "the next generation")

"Miss Gabby asked her Mommy,
'Who's sick?' And she said, 'Mister Dave.'
So little Miss Gabby said,
'Mister Dave picked me up when I fell last week,
I like Mister Dave; I don't want him to be sick;
I'm going to say a special prayer for him.'"

doc: "Aww, that's so sweet!"

me:  "Yes it is!"

Little kids often speak from the heart,
speak without guile,
and just ask God to help others
in the quiet expectation of it occurring.

Perhaps that is why the Jesus said
that to enter heaven
we must become like little children... sweet it would be,
if we all had the child-like faith
of Miss Gabby.  =)

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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