Friday, July 22, 2011

you matter

well my dear ones,

The next time you feel down on yourself,
feel like beating yourself up,
recall that the One who spoke
and the universe leapt into existence
knows your name, and further,
Deep Heaven was made for you.

It's hard to have low self esteem
if you bear these things in mind!

I started to write something else entirely,
but the more I tried to write it
the more it would not be written.
Instead, it was laid on my heart
to repeat this little piece
from over 5 years ago.

Perhaps you were on my journal back then,
perhaps not;
even if you were,
try to see this little interlude
between my mentor and muse and I
with a fresh set of eyes
because you matter
and the One who spoke
made sure it was written down for you.

(btw, for those of you who are wondering,
 "what's up with the 48 point lines?"
 I've been using lately
 that is the standard length of a blog line;
 hence, all my e-mail and journal entries
 are adjusted to also fit into my blog)

So here is "Xanthe,"
from back in 16 April 2006:

...following the faint rustle of wings,
dave finds the Faerie Queen
sitting in a small glade;

her right foot is half-buried in the earth,
but in a shameless display
of her mastery of earthpower,
when she moves her foot
the earth ripples in waves
as if it were water...

she is staring directly at the sun,
has been for hours,
yet her faerie eyes are unharmed.

dave: "Hail, O Queen."

Titania: "Hail yourself, sleepyhead;
      have you forgotten the day?
      I have awaited you
      since the hour before dawn."

dave: "huh?  oops, I forgot. 
      Happy Easter to you."

Titania: "In the name of
      I bid you likewise."

dave: "Hey, that reminds me, my friend, Xanthe,
      kind of wigged me out the other day."

Titania: "In what manner?"

dave: "Don't get me wrong;
      she's great, and I love her to death,
      but she kind of freaked me out one day
      when she implied that I had a religion.

      "I walk the same path as you,
      so I don't have a I?"

Titania: *thoughtful & bemused*
"Pure and undefiled religion
consists of this:
      to do justice, to love mercy,
      and to walk humbly with God.

      "However, as your world uses the term,
no, you do not have one,
      not anymore than do I.

      "Since the beginning of time,
      by my own choice,
I have related to God directly;
and for the past two millennia,
by grace,
the same choice is accorded you.

"Whosoever accepts that done by
on their behalf,
gets the gift of Deep Heaven."

dave: "For free?"

Titania: "Of course.
      If heaven could be earned
      then grace would not be grace.
      And by grace God gives you
      that which you could never earn."

dave: "...heaven for free..."

  "And wonders beyond your imagination as well."

dave: "And God truly loves each one of us?"

Titania: "Yes, more than, in this lifetime,
      you can ever possibly believe."

*as the sun rises higher,
Titania weaves a shelter of moonbeams about them
to shade the sun a bit
as she painstakingly tries to explain to dave
the things that were, the things that are,
and the things that shall yet come to be...*


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