Sunday, August 07, 2011


well my dear ones,

I've been having some issues
with my bike for the last couple weeks,
like not being able to start it
because the electric starter
couldn't turn the engine over.

Back in the good old days,
we bikers didn't trust electric starters,
and we rode bikes that had kick-start backups.

However, nowadays, most bikes are just like cars
in that they rely on a battery to fire them up.

With a discharged battery,
my Harley was just a 750 pound lump
of iron, steel, and rubber;
without a recharge,
it wasn't going anywhere.

Bike or car,
once your vehicle is started,
your alternator keeps your battery charged.
If your alternator goes,
or if the belt that drives it breaks,
your battery will die in short order.

It's much the same with us;
sometimes we keep on driving ourselves
when we have nothing keeping us charged.

It's easy to get caught in a rut
and just keep on working and working
until we grind ourselves down
and we feel like we have no energy at all.

That's when you need to stop,
and plug in to the Source;
take a deep breath,
and look around you
at the beauty of Creation.

Today, as I was mowing the lawn,
I caught some movement at the corner of my eye;
when I turned around,
I saw about 20 orange butterflies
flitting about one plant in my wife's garden.
It was so awesome to just watch them.

From the song of a bird
to a display of clouds in the heavens
there are wonders all about us.
Try and take some time to take them in
that you might recharge your heart
and refresh your soul.

Oh yes, what about my bike?
The battery was beyond mere recharging;
it needed to be replaced.

Sometimes we need a recharge;
and sometimes we need replacement parts.

2600 years ago,
the prophet Ezekiel told us it was possible
that we could ask for and get
a new heart and a new spirit.

May we all get them when we need them.  =)

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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