Saturday, September 17, 2011


well my dear ones,

Once a month, the local police
open their training range to the public.

Generally, it's not crowded;
however, today, likely due to the
nice cool weather, it was packed.
I and the friends I met there were told
we would have to wait "quite a while"
if we wanted to shoot this morning.

After waiting nearly an hour,
I was getting pretty ticked off,
and starting to feel like this whole thing
was a just a waste of my time,
a waste of MY morning.

But just nearby to me,
a couple of guys were loading up
some 1860-era black powder
cap and ball revolvers
(think "Quiqley Down Under").
And one of these gents mentioned
a firearm I happen to own,
and wondered why more people didn't shoot them.

I mentioned I had one of the arms in question,
and extolled the fine qualities of it.
A third gent, a friend of theirs,
said that sounded like a fine arm
and how he might like to get one for his sister.

I got my (unloaded) pistol
and brought it over to show it to him.
He admired the polished stainless steel
and contrasting rosewood grips,
noting he'd likely get one for himself as well.
He wrote down the model and I bid him good day.

Shortly after that we got to shoot.
And while reloading, I noticed that gent
was still there,
so I asked the Range Officer if I might
bring him to the firing line
to allow him to try out my pistol
(which was a gift from my most cool wife =>).

This guy was so happy,
and thanked my profusely
for letting him try something
that he now for sure wished to buy
(he shot great; he claimed due to the gun,
 but I could see he had considerable skill
 as well as a good dose of humility...
 ...always a great combination =>).

As I drove home,
I reflected on how my morning turned out
not to be a waste of time at all,
but rather a chance to
make someone else's day.

I came there looking to do my stuff
at my time and got all ticked off
when things didn't go my way.

Yet is not all our time
a gift from God?

Yes, we are all living on God's good time,
and in that scheme of things,
there was something I was meant to do
for someone else.
And how often that's true for all of us.

May we never get so wrapped up in
how we want to spend our time
and in having things our own way
that we miss the chances
to be a blessing to someone else.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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