Monday, September 05, 2011

the next generation

well my dear ones,

Friends of mine have a daughter named Gabby;
she's young and a little bit shy
and usually just says "hi" to me.

Last week, I'd bought a new book,
and she looked at it and said,
"That's a really great book!"

When I asked her how she knew that,
she replied
"Because my Mommy said so."

I saw her yesterday, and I told her,
"Miss Gabby, YOU were right;
 that IS a really great book."

As soon as I said that, she just beamed;
she was so happy
(because she was right
 and an adult recognized her for it);
and she taught me a valuable lesson,
one that as adults with grown kids
it's very easy to forget.

Some young person is observing you
and listening to you
and looking to you for affirmation.

So when they do something cool,
let them know it;
a quick praise or word of encouragement
can have effects in their life
that you might not even see
yet it can help them on their path
to becoming the next generation.

We are blessed to be a blessing
and somewhere there is a young person
waiting for you to bless them
with your words, with your time.
Learn to look for these important opportunities
and you'll see your own life enriched.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


"Until one has loved an animal, 
 a part of one's soul remains un-awakened."

                  --- Anatole France

“There is a God, and it's not you.
 Objective reality exists,
 and you don't control it.
 Truth exists, and it can be known.
 You are unique in all Creation;
 your life has meaning;
 and there is always hope.”

   --- The Ever Encouraging Word


Blogger Robin said...

Aw:) that's so sweet! I love her dearly! She my blessing from my Heavenly Father:) Her freckles are angle kisses for sure, just ask her! Thanks for recognizing her in your blog! God bless:) and BTW with was the book?

7:40 PM  

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