Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!




Well my dear ones,



After three weeks of solid rain,

I’m ready to say goodbye to 2015,

and hopefully see some sun in 2016.


But before bidding farewell to 2015,

let me give a big “thank you”

to Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers

for setting a great example

of the way a Dad should be.


Three days ago, he was fined $10,000

for remaining on the field at half-time

to watch his daughter dance during

the mid-game festivities.


True; he does have a multi-million-dollar

contract for the next 5 years.

Yet still, in a world where many parents

can’t even get off their cell phones

to watch their kids at the playground

(made the news where I live...sad),

paying a $10,000 technical fine

to watch your daughter dance

is a most cool act.


The message to his daughter:

“You are important to me!”


That’s a message I’d like to see

more parents pass out in 2016;

you’re kids are watching

(even when they appear not to)

and they do crave your attention

(even when they pretend they don’t).


[And to those of you without kids yet,

please just file this away for the future]


Here’s praying for a most wonderful

2016 for all y’all!


Have a blessed and awesome New Year!


grace, peace, and love to you,




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