Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dokes (or “starvin’ for love”)




Well my dear ones,



If you recall, back in April of 2014

I spoke about my friend, Joe,

having to have his dog, Caesar, put down:


It’s always sad to have to part with

a beloved pet,

and Caesar was a cool dog.


Some months ago,

I came up with a new way to get to work.

And on one of the back roads

that goes through a residential section

there is a nice little German Shepard,

looking like a young version of Caesar,

that is always happily barking

and wagging his tail

as the school kids walk by

on the outside of his page fence.


I started opening my window

and talking to him as I drove by;

but I got tired of calling him


so one night on the way home,

I knocked on the door, met the owner,

and found out the dog’s name is Dokes,

a year-old German Shepard

who is young enough that he still

acts like a puppy.


So now, on the way to work,

and on the way home, too,

I stop and walk over to the fence

to pet the little spud.


Usually, he is already there

waiting for me;

but sometimes he’s asleep

across the yard;

when that happens,

I just call out “Dokes” one time,

and then he’s right there,

wagging his tail,

excited that someone is going to

pet him and scratch his little head.


When I say “bye-bye” and go to leave,

he wraps both paws around my arm

because he doesn’t want me to go.


He loves attention.

He loves to play.

He loves to be around people.

He craves affection.


Like all people,

and like all those of God’s creatures

who’ve been entrusted to us as pets,

he is “starvin’ for love.”


I’m not saying to go and

get your arm munched off

trying to pet some dog

who doesn’t even know you! =D

(I had the owner introduce me to Dokes

 Before I ever tried to pet him)


However, as we get ready

to enter the holiday season

with the feast of Thanksgiving,

and give thanks to God

for all our blessings

and for the helpful people

who have been put into our lives,

let’s not forget our furry friends.


Perhaps you know a dog or cat

whose owner, well, let’s just say,

is somewhat neglectful

(I can think of 3 on my street alone).

If they are familiar with you,

and will allow you to,

why not give them a pat on the head,

or a little scratch behind the ears?


And a few kind words in a loving voice

mean just as much to a neglected pet

as they do to a neglected person

(so let’s not forget to save up

 a few kind words for them, too =>).


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,




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