Monday, November 16, 2015

dealing with serious heartache


Well my dear ones,



What would you do if your beloved

died in a tragic accident 

right before your wedding?


And then, years later,

your new love died of an illness,

2 weeks before your second-planned wedding?


Freak out? (I think I would)


Get ticked off at the world?


Get ticked off at God?



Or, live a life of gratitude

and service to God and others

in spite of all that happened

(totally beyond the comprehension

 of most of us today)

and author a hymn to God

that is one of the best known

and most heart-felt ever written?



Joseph Scriven, I stand humbled by you…


...blessings to you...




I’m sure you have more than I can calculate.


I’ll see you in heaven;

I’m looking forward to a chat;

in the meantime, thanks for the hymn.

I never knew the story behind it before;

but now that I do,

it will mean a lot more to me

whenever I hear it; thanks again.



grace, peace, and love to you,



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