Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tale of Three Miracles


Well my dear ones,



Back in the posting “COGPOW”

(Child Of God, Person Of Worth,

 ...that being you =>),

I mentioned that

if not for the power of God,

I’d not still be here,

and this page would be blank.


And further noted that,

long ago, my friend, Ashton asked me

if I’d ever seen a miracle,

like seen something of God in this world;

I shared with him a couple of things

that I’d been privileged to witness;

and noted if anyone had an interest,

I’d write them up.


Requests were made,

cobwebs were cleared from my brain,

and a file was found

containing my brush with the miraculous.


One miracle relates to a cat

and two of them relate to men;

in one a man lived;

in one a man died;

and I’m not sure but that

the one where the man died

wasn’t the bigger of those two.




To put it in context,

here is “A Tale of Three Miracles”

as written down back in DEC 2006

for two of my friends who are pastors,

in the hope that it would be

an encouragement to those under their care.



Well, that’s my tale

of personal miracles;

you’ll have to wait till

you get to heaven

to speak with my uncle,

but if you want to verify

the miracle of my friend, Ed,

just send him a message on Facebook

and ask him about it;


he is not shy at all. =D



I hope these stories will be

an encouragement for you, too,

that you might know that you

are never alone,

that you do matter,

and that there is a God

who loves you more

than you

(at least in this lifetime =>)

can ever possibly believe.



grace, peace, and love to you,



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