Saturday, August 01, 2015

more than you think



Well my dear ones,



Interesting, but perhaps not surprisingly,

I did get requests for sharing the stories

of the miraculous things I’ve witnessed

in the short time I’ve spent in

our shared experience of this earthly life.


OK; I can do that;

I’ll dig them up for next time;

I know I’ve got them somewhere,

yet the longer I live,

the more “somewheres” I have,

and the longer it takes me

to remember where they all are.


One thing I never have to look for

is my bass guitar; as usual,

it’s sitting next to my computer.

In fact, I was just playing it,

though not well,

which is why I am learning from

Jimmy, a really great bass player.


Jimmy has mad skills on the bass;

in his hands, a bass guitar is

a thing of beauty.


When I get frustrated,

he tells me to hang in there

and keep at it,

as his skill, his talent,

is the result of years of practice.


Something he said one time

keeps me hanging on;

Jimmy’s a rocker from way back,

but he plays in a church band now,

and he said,

“Even in a church filled with people,

 I lift up my music to God alone;

 it’s just like me and God,

 and how cool is that?”


I said that’s way cool;

that’s what I want;

so I’ll hang in there,

and work on my talent.




We’ve spoken of it before,

like in the parable of the talents


[in the gospel of Matthew 25:14-30

 you can see it here: ]


where the guy gets jacked up

for burying his “talent” in the ground.


In the parable,

the talent was a piece of money,

but using the alternate definition,

I like the symbolism

of burying his “talent.”


And how many of us bury our talents?


Or have buried talents we don’t

take the time to try and dig up?


We could sit around and bemoan the fact

that we don’t have

the scientific talent of Einstein

or the musical genius of Mozart.


Or, we could dig down,

and discover that talents

which God has given to us.


You are more than you think you are;

I guarantee you that if you

but scratch the surface of yourself,

you will discover that

God has gifted you with more talents

than you thought were within you.


Discover them;

dig them up;

polish them up;

enhance your life. =)



grace, peace, and love to you,



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