Wednesday, April 08, 2015

someone to watch over me



Well my dear ones,


A couple of nights ago,

I walked outside and saw something so cool

that I had to go back in and get a camera.


What I saw put me in mind of that old song,

“Someone to Watch Over Me,”

one of the great classic songs,

written by George and Ira Gershwin

for their 1926 Broadway show, “Oh, Kay!,”

and recorded by many artists since then,

such as Barbara Streisand.




What I saw was a gander, an adult male goose,

watching over his mate while she ate.


It was just so sweet.

He was super protective of her,

so I couldn’t get too close,

and I didn’t want to disturb them,

so I used the telephoto for these shots:






How cool to be cared for, loved,

and watched over like that.


When I tried to get closer,

he looked like he was ready

to peck my face off

- and rightly so –

hence, I backed off.






From this website:



I gleaned the following:


“Canada geese (and swans) do mate for life.

Mated pairs

not only raise and protect their young together,

but also look out for one another

over the course of their lives.

One mate will stay by the other's side

if injured or dying,

even if the rest of the flock is moving on.”


This is definitely a case

where we can learn from the animals.

The Bible is clear that a husband

should he willing to die for his wife,

but how many guys really take that to heart?


How many marriages would be preserved?

How many kids wouldn’t go through

the pain of their parents divorce?

How much improved would be

the quality of love in this world

if only more husbands

followed the example of this gander?


Though it’s just one of God’s

simple little creatures,

I find myself humbled by it.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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