Thursday, March 05, 2015

loving and believing in others




Well my dear ones,



I’ve been writing encouragements

since the year 2000,

first as emails, then as a journal,

and lastly as a blog.

That’s a fair amount of time,

and there are some still on here

who have been tuned in for years

(God alone knows why, but bless you!),


while I’ve always maintained that no one

needs to make any comments whatsoever

(just take what you need that’s helpful,

 and leave the rest

 as being meant for someone else =>),

I often get a line or two

from many of you that encourages me

and me keeps going.


Yet this past week,

I got a long letter from my friend, Amber,

where she referenced these writings,

and added some encouraging things of her own.


I’ll end with her advice on

loving and believing in others

(because to add to it

 would be a detraction =>):


“I firmly believe that the quality

of the people you surround yourself with,

determines the quality of your life...

therefore, I strive to make sure

that those which matter most

are aware and reminded of it often. 

Friends make life worth living

and even when I may be poor in tangibles,

I’m rich in spirit...

I’m one of the richest people on the planet,

especially in the area where it truly matters!



“Believing in people

has a lot to do with it...

whether it’s a struggling student,

someone dealt a hand of bad luck,

the underdog,

or just the many of us out there

trying to find our own way...

all of us need someone to love us

for what we are,

but always believe

that we can be better,

and encourage each of us

to reach that potential.

Kind of the same way God does,

but in the form of a Humanesque Earthly reminder.

It’s amazing to see what blooms

with that little bit of love,

caring, and belief...

more often than not,

that’s all it takes for people

to grow into a beautiful human spirit

that continues to foster that same growth

for so many others. 



“...we can always be learning and growing

to be better versions of ourselves,

while reminding & encouraging

the other to also do the same!”



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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