Tuesday, January 06, 2015

CC speaks


Well my dear ones,



It’s come to that time of year

that I should wish you all...


Well, I guess it would be more

appropriate to turn it over

to my furry little Russian friend,

CC, or Commie Cat;

actually, he is now more like






CC: “OK, dave, you may now cease speaking;

   if people can forgive my speech patterns,

  since English is third language for me,

 then I am very much ready to finish for you.”




Greetings Comrades!



I send you much greetings from Mother Russia

and many apologies for the evil

we foisted upon the world in our former days

as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics…oy!


I should have listened to my babushka,

my grammy, when she said,

“I make weewee upon Lenin, Stalin,

 and the worst stupoovnik of all, Marx,

 and his doctrine of communism,

 which is fitting only to go in litter box.


“I am telling you Bubala,

 American Pilgrims have already proved

 back in 1623 that this is no good.




“So, is Karl Marx ignorant or stupoovnik?

 Let us not split hairs;

 he can easily be both.”




Ah, if only we’d had the wisdom to listen

to my babushka

how much needless suffering

could have been averted?


You want encouragement? 

I give you advice.

Do not be like me; never worship State;

it is a very bad thing;

there is no joy there.


Yet that is all in the past,

and one cannot live in past times;

we should look instead to future,

to better days.


I am now in agreement and seeing wisdom in

comrade Andre Bitov when he said,

“Without God, life makes no sense.” 


Rest of Russia in now seeing this, too;

and although banned during Soviet times,

Christmas is now regaining its popularity

and religious meaning in Russia. 

Hence, we are now once more seeing Christmas Day

in Russia mark the birth of Jesus Christ

in the Christian Orthodox tradition

(where we are celebrating it on January 7th).


So, in fine Russian tradition,

I am wishing you well from our glorious

capital city of St. Petersburg,

and hoping you and all your family to

have most nerry Russian Little Christmas!



Wishing Grace & Peace & many blessings to you,

CC (he-who-was-formerly-known-as-Commie-Cat)


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