Sunday, December 21, 2014



Well my dear ones,



For most of us,

the end of the year,

the holidays,

the Christmas season...


is the most hectic time of the year.


Yet no matter how busy we get,

there are some things not to be missed.


As I mentioned last time,

there are things to be learned

from Miss Cheryl

especially in how we came to meet.


One day, as I was putting on a shirt,

I felt a strong pull of

“not that one, this one.”

So I went with it.


I had to go to the bank and get some cash,

but when I went to the machine out front,

it was out of order, so I had to go inside.


Expecting a huge pile of people

(due to the time of year)

I was surprised to see no one in line.


When I got to the teller, Miss Sheryl,

she commented on my shirt,

that she used to go the that church,

but that she and her husband had split up,

and she kept running in to him there.

She said she needed to find a new place,

a similar place,

but one where she wouldn’t have to worry

about running in to her ex.

Hence, I was able to hook her up

with a similar one.


But if I hadn’t felt the pull

to wear a certain shirt,


if the cash machine hadn’t been broken,


if there had not have been no line

in order to allow me a chance

to talk to Miss Sheryl,

things would have worked out much differently.


So, were those all coincidences?


Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences;

I see my meeting of Miss Sheryl

as a Divine Appointment.


And I think we all have many such

appointments awaiting us in our lives,

the trick being to be receptive enough

to see them when they come along.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



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