Tuesday, October 14, 2014

53 years


 Well my dear ones,



You may think this is the dumbest thing

you’ve ever heard, and that’s OK,

but each day,

if I leave before my wife wakes up,

I always leave her a note,

and it always ends the same way:

“I love you!

 Have a great day!”


That way, should anything ever happen to me,

the last thing I’ll have every said

is that I love her

and wished her the hope of a great day.




I think everyone wants to be loved,

and everyone needs a little hope.


I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that;

although I never met the man,

I do believe that Robert Lee Miles Sr.

would agree with me.


A friend of mine found an obituary,

(actually called a Homecoming Celebration

 ...I kind of like that =>),

for Mr. Miles that was left in a rental car.


To my way of thinking,

it was left there for a reason.

And reading it now, there are three really

cool things that stand out about the man:

1) Robert came to know the Lord at an early age

2) His passion was singing praises for the Lord


3) "his wife, Inez J. Jones Miles of 53years"


So, he got hooked up with Jesus at a young age,

he loved to sing to God

(apparently "The Lord Will Provide" and

"Tangled Up in Jesus" were his favorite hymns),

and he managed to stay married for 53 years!


He also lived to be 99 years old,

which is impressive,

yet plenty of people have done that;

the being married for 53 years

is the part that impresses me,

as not many people can do that.


I’m going to send this blog link

to his church

(Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

 in Hyde Park in Memphis, Tennessee);

if any of his family or friends read this

and know a thing or two about

Robert’s and his wife’s secrets to

such a long-standing marriage,

please do enlighten us (& thank you!).


Meanwhile, if I had to guess,

I would guess that not a day went by

where his wife had to wonder

whether or not he loved her;

I’m sure he told her all the time.


Robert, I’m sure you’re in a better place,

reunited with your beloved Inez;

yet in a world where things seem fleeting,

and commitment seems hard to come by,

thank you, for showing us

an example of enduring love.



Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,




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